Our staff members are checking phone messages regularly. Feel free to leave a voice mail message and we will return your call as quickly as possible. Email is also an excellent method to contact us. Below are the email addresses and direct line telephone numbers for each of our lawyers.


Janice Byingtonjbyington@rcmhlaw.com512-660-5969
Jennifer 512-660-5965
Emily Davenportedavenport@rcmhlaw.com512-660-5974
Rob Hargettrhargett@rcmhlaw.com512-660-5968
Trent Krienketkrienke@rcmhlaw.com512-660-5963
Pete Meekerpmeeker@rcmhlaw.com512-660-5967
Kevin Reedkreed@rcmhlaw.com512-660-5962
Robert Spurckrspurck@rcmhlaw.com512-660-5964

Please stay safe and follow all appropriate CDC, federal, and state recommendations for the safety of your family.